Reasons to cruise with MSC

1.The Most Modern Fleet In The World*
2.Appealing Destinations To Discover
3.Right From Your Doorstep
4.Msc For Families
5.Msc Yacht Club On Msc Fantasia, Msc Splendida Msc Divina, And Msc Preziosa

6.The Art Of Cooking
7.Fun & Entertainment
8.Leisure And Relaxation
9.Exclusive Benefits For Loyal Guests
10.Respecting People And Planet

Abu-Dhabi and the Emirates : Abu Dhabi and The Emirates

Embark on a unique exploration of modern luxury and natural wonders. Cruise the crystalline waters of Arabia, relaxing in the superlative comfort and style of MSC Lirica. Bask in the perfect sunshine of soft sandy beaches. Explore cities rich in tradition and wonders of the modern world.The contrasts will surprise and delight you, from Abu Dhabi’s desert safaris, Then there’s Dubai’s futuristic cityscape, shopping mall and unique Palm Island – all centuries away from Muscat’s historic forts, traditional souk and picturesque seafront streets, or the temples, tombs and pyramids of Egypt.


Caribbean & Antilles : MSC Caribbean Cruises: the ultimate in relaxation

The Bahamas, Antigua, Cayman Islands, Saint Lucia, Jamaica… the names alone conjure up relaxation and images of paradisiacal islands! Join MSC Poesia and Lirica and head off to your holiday paradise in style!

For the ultimate Christmas vacation, how about a 7 night luxury Caribbean cruise package calling in at Florida, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Mexico and Honduras? We can’t promise you snow, but we at MSC Cruises do offer lashings of Christmas cheer and unseasonal sunshine! There again, perhaps you’d rather see in the New Year in style - in which case, Caribbean cruises simply don’t get any more special than Poesia’s New Year Cruise. Spend New Year’s Eve in Antigua and Barbuda, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas - a great way to get 2012 off to a good start!

MSC Poesia is the third in our line of luxury Musica-class ships and bears the MSC hallmarks of luxury and elegance. The embodiment of poetry in motion, onboard you will discover spacious, elegant suites and staterooms, most with private balconies. Other highlights include a spectacular waterfall, a Zen garden and a serene 12,000 square foot spa. However, we are keen to preserve the wonders of our world which is why the superb Poesia boasts the latest in eco-technology, thus safeguarding the environment, without compromising on comfort, luxury or style. MSC - there simply is no better way to cruise the Caribbean!

Mediterranean: MSC Cruises: the experts in Mediterranean Cruises

Mediterranean cruises are something of a specialty for MSC. As you travel from pretty ports and beautiful beaches via magnificent islands, you will discover how our Mediterranean origins provide us with a unique expertise enabling us to reveal the secret gems of the Mediterranean and its islands to you. What’s more, our Mediterranean cruises are updated with new and exciting travel itineraries every year.

Our luxury Mediterranean cruises are designed to showcase the rich history of this region, creating a memorable vacation wrapped up in a fantastic holiday package, where there really is something for everyone. History lovers can roam the majestic Ephesian ruins, discover the imposing Athenian Acropolis and travel back in time as they experience the Colossus of Rhodes and the Coliseum of Rome. If you’re off on a special break nothing says "amore" quite like an MSC Mediterranean cruise.

Whether you’re visiting the "love island" of Capri, riding a Venetian gondola or tucking into world class pizza in Naples, you can enjoy the best of this wonderful region. Elsewhere, you can take in a vibrant flamenco show in Spain, browse the labyrinthine Turkish bazaars or simply soak up the sun on the sandy shores of the Greek islands. From Athens to Ajaccio, Bari, Corfu and beyond, MSC Cruises have the Med’ well and truly covered!

Mediterranean Cruises: the cruise line with the most modern fleet in the world.
Our newest ship, the recently christened MSC Divina combines Greece, Turkey, Croatia, and Italy on a spectacular series of 7-night cruises from Venice. Departing from Genoa, the MSC Splendida calls at Italy, Tunisia, the Balearic Islands, Spain and France on a series of idyllic Mediterranean summer cruises.

Northern Europe: MSC’s Northern Europe Cruises: your gateway to the best of the Baltics, the Fjords and beyond…

Think you know Northern Europe? Once you’ve experienced an MSC Northern Europe cruise, you may think again! MSC Cruises offers itineraries that include the Baltics, Norway and the fantastic Norwegian fjords, plus an incredible circuit to Iceland that calls at the remote and beautiful Orkney and Shetland Islands.

Brilliant Baltics
The water-lined Baltic capitals could have been designed with cruises in mind!
The cities of Tallin, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Amsterdam are wonderful to stroll around and full of fascinating sights, offering the ideal holiday break – a unique package packed full of variety, to give you a true vacation that marries luxury with relaxation.


Fantastic Fjords

You don’t have to travel to the other side of the world for a breathtaking coastline. Our Norway cruise boasts magnificent fjords as well as impossibly quaint coastal towns such as Bergen - guaranteed to appeal to those looking for something a little different from their holiday.

Discover MSC Cruises fantastic deals for the best of the Baltics and Norway’s remarkable fjords aboard our remarkable ships, MSC Opera, Magnifica, Musica and Poesia.

Our stunning MSC Opera, Magnifica, Musica and Poesia cruise liners all offer wonderful cruise packages to these unique destinations, and each magnificent liner boasts her own magical blend of style and comfort. Three of these MSC ‘Musica’ class of ships guarantee unrivalled elegance and luxury, or the MSC Opera takes you back to bygone days of classic grandeur and opulence.

Red Sea : Cruise in style and comfort as you bask in the year-round sunshine of the Red Sea Riviera with MSC Cruises

For a cruise holiday of truly biblical proportions, there can be no better destination than the Red Sea – on board one of MSC Cruises’ luxury liners.

Leave your cares behind you as you step on board one of our sumptuously appointed cruise ships and let us take you to the year-round sunshine and warm waters of the Southern Sea, whose extensive coastline also passes through Egypt and Israel.

Thanks to a whole host of attractive beach resorts such as Eilat in the south of Israel or Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt as well as a relaxed, fun-filled atmosphere, this region is highly popular for vacations that cater to a large variety of tastes. Whether you fancy relaxing on the beautiful beaches, going for a refreshing dip in the azure water, exploring the wonderfully scenic desert hinterland or prefer to engage in more adventurous water sports such as kite surfing, you will find the Red Sea has it all. Thanks to its amazingly rich marine wildlife, including a 2,000 km stretch of coral reefs, the Red Sea is also an ideal spot for scuba diving and snorkelling.
Best of all, you can enjoy your Southern Sea experience from the first-class comfort of one of MSC Cruises’ stylish cruise liners. Reward yourself with one of your best holidays ever and let MSC Cruises take you to the destination of your dreams.

Grand Cruises : MSC Grand Cruises: rediscovering the art of elegant travel

There’s something about an ocean cruise that evokes memories of a bygone era, a time when the journey was as important as the destination, when a transatlantic voyage meant travelling in comfort and in style, at a slower, more civilized pace.
No longer reserved for the elite classes, ocean cruises now boast something for everyone, whether it’s for a once-in-a-lifetime trip, to celebrate a special occasion or simply your preferred, more leisurely way to travel.

Think of an ocean cruise and one thinks adventure, luxury, excitement and elegance. And all this is particularly true with the exceptional cruise line. We retain traditional values and re-invent them for the 21st century in our fleet of modern ships and our distinctive Italian flair for design and hospitality.

Our signature trademark for luxury and comfort makes us the ideal Grand Cruise holiday experience. Make no mistake, although we offer some of the best holiday cruise packages around. MSC’s ocean cruises are relaxed and luxurious affairs aboard beautifully appointed state-of-the-art ships.

Choose from a selection of magnificent liners, all of which bear the hallmarks of our sophisticated Italian style and flair. But, best of all, these cruises also represent terrific value for money. If you’re looking for a transatlantic cruise to the USA, a cruise vacation to Brazil or a once-in-a-lifetime cruise to South Africa then we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the deals we have on offer. Why not join MSC Cruises on one of our spectacular ocean cruises and, quite literally, broaden your horizons?


South America : MSC Cruises’ South America cruise – a ‘fiesta’ fun!

Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world, has a wealth of riches to offer the traveler - from history and wildlife to culture and music. The carnival city of Rio de Janeiro, home to the Olympic Games, is worth taking a trip aboard an MSC South American cruise! Whatever your passions and interests, our South America cruises offer a great way to celebrate spring in style!

A discovery voyage of Latin American culture awaits you, offering up spectacular South American landscapes, tropical forestry, glistening beaches and a sampling of this continent’s famous party culture. February is carnival time in South America, prime time for our special South American cruise deals. Join the vibrant celebrations and give into the fun of the fiesta!

Experience the tropical paradises of Brazil, walk along Arrajal's beaches and dance to the music of Rio de Janeiro, because it's always party-time on our luxury South American cruises! Be seduced by stunning architecture in Salvador de Bahia, daydream on the legendary beach of Copacabana.

Choose from the ‘Musica-class’ MSC Magnifica, a glittering gem of a cruise liner afloat crystal waters – perfect for a vibrant, entertainment-filled vacation. Or why not experience the grandeur and opulence of MSC Fantasia. Perhaps the unique MSC Musica is more your style, or maybe exclusive packages such as the Art Cruise or Food & Wine Cruises aboard the MSC Orchestra will offer a welcome break, where you can escape into a world of quintessential Italian


South Africa : Explore the magic of South Africa with the MSC South Africa cruise

Indulge in a holiday to remember, one steeped in exoticism, escapism, luxury and style. MSC Cruises’ South Africa cruise is designed to stimulate the senses as you take in everything from the beautiful Portuguese Island to the bustling port city of Durban, all under the magical African sun.

Join MSC Cruises on an unforgettable adventure with a cruise to one of the world's most fascinating continents. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of this stunning country as you experience nature’s glory, from the forest and the savannah to the endless ocean and simply glorious beaches that are like nowhere else on earth. A South Africa cruise aboard MSC Opera or MSC Sinfonia is the best way to discover Africa in style.

Our elegant liners are equipped with every possible amenity and all bear the hallmark of welcoming and distinguished surroundings and a refined and exclusive atmosphere – a place where ‘vacation’ truly rhymes with ‘relaxation’. You will travel in elegant Italian style on the MSC Sinfonia – a luxury liner that offers a veritable ‘symphony’ of delights. From the well-appointed cabins to fabulous on-board entertainment, there really is no better way to experience this country. Onboard you’re spoilt for choice – from Virtual Golf to beauty centres – even kids and teens are catered for too with dedicated play and social areas. Treat yourself to a voyage of a lifetime, a world of fascinating and memorable experiences… the heady rhythms and sounds of this magical continent are like the heartbeat of the world!


MSC Divina : Experience timeless elegance in modern comfort

Prepare to meet the new star of the MSC fleet. Created with De Jorio Design International to take the acclaimed standards of MSC's Fantasia class to an entirely new level.

Inspired by Sophia Loren herself, MSC Divina brings you all the elegance and glamour of the golden age of sea travel in a new vision. A spacious, ultramodern interpretation that pampers you with sumptuous comfort and an immense variety of sports and leisure facilities, plus world-class entertainment.
Let your eyes drink in the sheer scale, style and attention to detail. From MSC Divina’s real stone piazza to her Broadway-size theatre. From the sweeping grace of her Swarovski crystal staircases to the calm of her Infinity Pool, extending seamlessly out to sea and the horizon beyond.

Discover the opulent enhancements to the MSC Aurea Spa wellness centre on board, and the even more spacious and exclusive MSC Yacht Club, with its specially-commissioned works of art. Discover Sophia Loren Royal Suite. Lucky guests staying in suite number 16007 on deck 16 can revel in the glamour and style of a suite designed for and with the help of Ms Loren. Rich reds, specially designed lamps and a wild heather and red carpet have been chosen by her, while stunning photographs of her most memorable roles decorate the walls. A replica of the dressing table Ms Loren uses in her room has been fitted, allowing guests to get ready like a film star.

Coming Soon: MSC travellers will soon be able to soak up the sun in style at the new Top 18 Exclusive Solarium, an adult-only sanctuary of serenity boasting premium deck space and stunning sea views. With its own dedicated spa service, bar menu and complimentary delicious fruit skewers, Top 18 is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and watch the waves go by.
Discover a cruise like no other on the spectacular floating city that is MSC Divina - a superb holiday destination in her own right, offering something for everyone at all times.

So you can explore the Mediterranean as she has never been experienced before, from the beauty of a ship that’s simply divin


We are delighted to announce the forthcoming arrival of MSC Preziosa, an elegant new masterpiece in cruise ship design.
Offering the utmost in comfort, service and advanced, environmentally-friendly technology, the 13th addition to the MSC Cruises fleet completes our flagship MSC Fantasia class.

She shares many sophisticated features with her sister ships, from the exclusive designer suites of the MSC Yacht Club to the lavish wellbeing facilities of the MSC Aurea Spa.

Coming Soon: MSC travellers will soon be able to soak up the sun in style at the new Top 18 Exclusive Solarium, an adult-only sanctuary of serenity boasting premium deck space and stunning sea views. With its own dedicated spa service, bar menu and complimentary delicious fruit skewers, Top 18 is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and watch the waves go by.
And like every ship in the MSC Cruises fleet, she is designed to offer all her guests the ultimate cruise experience.
MSC Magnifica: an invitation to magnificence

Opulent and magnificent – get ready for a new class of luxury liner unlike any other. MSC Magnifica is the latest ‘Musica-class’ luxury cruise ship from MSC Cruises. After a stunning christening ceremony in Hamburg, the stunning MSC Magnifica cruise ship came into service in March 2010, offering a whole host of exciting travel destinations. A revolutionary and groundbreaking cruise ship, MSC Magnifica marries extraordinary comfort with pioneering design and technology to offer outstanding energy efficiency and environmental performance.

The MSC Magnifica ship carries 2,500 passengers and most can enjoy the luxury of a sea-facing cabin with balcony. Lucky guests on MSC Magnifica are expertly looked after by a 1,000-strong crew, enjoying the best of modern Italian style as they embark on their chosen voyage.

At the heart of MSC Magnifica is a lush haven of tranquillity, the luxurious MSC AUREA Spa. This sumptuous wellness centre offers a myriad of relaxation options from saunas and Turkish baths to a fitness centre, beauty salon, Thalassotherapy room, relaxation area and massage rooms. Why not give in to the magic of an authentic Balinese massage from professional masseurs?
Recreation options onboard MSC Magnifica are endless. Soak up the sun in the solarium or choose from 3 swimming pools, one under the ingenious ‘Magrodome’ retractable roof – perfect for winter cruising. Anyone for tennis… or basketball for that matter, not to mention jogging!

MSC Magnifica boasts all the fine dining and entertainment amenities you would expect on a superior luxury liner, and much more besides. With a choice of 5 restaurants, numerous bars, an internet café and cigar lounge - not forgetting the plush 1,200-seat theatre, cinema, casino and disco – the MSC Magnifica truly lives up to her Italian name – magnificent!
MSC Splendida: a taste of ‘la bella vita’

MSC Cruises continue to astound with its ‘Fantasia’ class of cruise ships. MSC Cruises welcomes MSC Splendida, a luxury cruise liner where the best of cutting-edge technology and exceptional comfort are splendidly combined.

Futuristic, yet retaining Italian style and elegance, MSC Splendida is one of our most stunning ships yet. She is a cruise ship that acts as a blissful haven for her guests, enabling lucky passengers to ‘voyage’ rather than simply ‘travel’!
MSC Cruises has laid out a 5-star service for demanding guests in the MSC Yacht Club, an exclusive area complete with 71 spacious suites and 24-hour butler service. In the Top Sail Lounge complete with Skydome, guests can delight their palate under a dome of sparkling stars.

For their well-being, guests may partake in the MSC AUREA Spa. Here, the magic of Balinese massage meets holistic water treatments, a legacy of Roman times. Saunas, Turkish bath, solarium, relaxation room, Thalassotherapy, massage room, whirlpool - guests can enjoy all the facilities in a relaxing, luxurious surroundings. Entertainment on board the luxury MSC Splendida ship leaves guests spoilt for choice: 4 swimming pools, an exercise room, squash court, the chance to simulate the thrill of Formula 1, and more...

Coming Soon: MSC travellers will soon be able to soak up the sun in style at the new Top 18 Exclusive Solarium, an adult-only sanctuary of serenity boasting premium deck space and stunning sea views. With its own dedicated spa service, bar menu and complimentary delicious fruit skewers, Top 18 is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and watch the waves go by.

MSC Cruises lines, we are as keen to preserve the natural beauty of our world as we are to visit it. This is why we are mindful of green issues and why MSC Splendida is at the cutting edge of ecology. This modern-day liner is equipped with the most innovative systems to guarantee energy savings and environmental protection, earning us the title of MSC Splendida, ECO SHIP.


MSC Fantasia: First in its Class

MSC Fantasia whith her sister ship MSC Splendida is the largest cruise ship ever built for a European ship owner. The flagship from MSC Cruises is a masterpiece of Italian style: a perfect mix of advanced technology, elegance and exclusive services.

Built with the environment in mind, the MSC Fantasia cruise liner is constructed in a modern spirit, as we help preserve the environment without sacrificing guests’ comfort.

MSC Fantasia is not only a voyage of pleasure, but one of discovery. For the very first time on a ship, guests will walk on Swarovski crystal stairs. A transparent ceiling allows passengers to experience all the magic of sailing as they gaze at the starlit skies. With 27,000 m2 of public space, including the luxury MSC AUREA SPA, 5 restaurants, 4 swimming pools, 12 hydro-massage pools, coffee bars, shops, a children’s area, a Formula 1 simulator and an interactive 4-D cinema, you can truly rediscover yourself as you relax into your holiday.

The MSC AUREA SPA offers ultra-modern treatments such as therapeutic mud packs, perfumed vapours, aesthetic massages and much more.

MSC Fantasia boasts an exclusive area: privileged passengers can sojourn in the MSC Yacht Club with 71 suites, a bar, solarium, 2 hydro-massage pools, 1 skydome swimming pool, concierge and glass-walled Observation Lounge where guests can enjoy amazing ocean views. A butler service will offer assistance at check-in, transport luggage, unpack, serve traditional English afternoon tea as well as arranging cigars and beverages, booking tables at restaurants, treatments in the MSC AUREA SPA, ad hoc excursions and even arranging a private party!

Coming Soon: MSC travellers will soon be able to soak up the sun in style at the new Top 18 Exclusive Solarium, an adult-only sanctuary of serenity boasting premium deck space and stunning sea views. With its own dedicated spa service, bar menu and complimentary delicious fruit skewers, Top 18 is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and watch the waves go by.
MSC Fantasia takes luxury cruising to spectacular new heights – where all your holiday cruise fantasies come true.

MSC Poesia: an ode to luxury

Just as poetry brings lasting pleasure, the magnificent MSC Poesia cruise ship introduces a new dimension of enjoyment to the art of travelling by ship.

Onboard our elegant cruise ship you will discover luxury cruising at its best - a spectacular waterfall with bridges in the foyer, a Zen garden in the sushi bar and a serene 12,000 square foot spa. Then imagine yourself on a private balcony overlooking the ocean and a star-filled sky and remember that this is the only way to voyage in style.

The MSC Poesia, our third ‘Musica class’ ship was inaugurated in 2008. As you would expect with such a new cruise liner, our beautiful ship is built to the highest and most demanding ecological standards, resulting in a truly modern liner. Designed with the hallmark Italian flair and elegance that guests associate with the MSC Cruises, suites onboard MSC Poesia are spacious and elegant and most have private balconies. Staterooms are elegantly decorated and passengers will appreciate the attention to detail and craftsmanship throughout the whole ship.

Guests can stimulate the palate in a wine-tasting bar or relax in the casual Mojito bar. Why not enjoy an open air cinema experience under the stars on an immense screen by the pool. Children will go crazy for the Stone Age dinosaur-themed play area and even teens are catered for in the Teen’s Club. Whether a luxury family holiday, a romantic break away or simply to rediscover your sense of self, the enchanting MSC Poesia offers an unparalleled cruise vacation that is sure to inspire.
MSC Orchestra: music to your ears

Launched on 14 May 2007, the spectacular MSC Orchestra is one of MSC Cruises' newest ships. The second of the ‘Musica-class’ line of cruise ships, MSC Orchestra offers the perfect blend of design, comfort and safety. Airy open spaces and MSC Cruises’ signature Italian style make MSC Orchestra a stylish pioneer for future cruise ship projects and designs.

Onboard the luxury MSC Orchestra cruise ship you will be enthralled by the wide spectrum of entertainment facilities - jog on a dedicated track, indulge in a rejuvenating Turkish bath, dine at the Shanghai Chinese restaurant, relax in the exotic animal-print Savannah Bar, sumptuous Purple Bar or enjoy Hollywood-style glamour in the chic Zaffiro Bar. Try your luck at the Palm Beach Casino, dance the night away in the disco or take in a show at the Covent Garden Theatre, with a programme packed with entertaining shows with music.

MSC Orchestra boasts a total of 16 decks, with sauna and whirlpool facilities, a wide choice of restaurants and cosy family pizzerias. Kids can go wild in the Jungle Adventure playroom whilst teens will quickly feel at home in the Teen’s Club.

In 2011, MSC Orchestra offers cruise voyages to the South America in spring and Northern Europe in the summer. In autumn she travels to the Mediterranean where she visits Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar. We welcome you to join our beautiful ship as she sails to exotic and delightful destinations, on what we are sure is the best cruise vacation you could wish for
MSC Musica: not one false note!

Cruises on the MSC Musica ship embody Italian sophistication and elegance. This wonderful liner offers guests a host of magnificent meeting areas and a glittering array of facilities. Be dazzled by the central foyer on MSC Musica, aglow with a three-tier waterfall and piano suspended over a crystal floor above a pool of luminous water.

Further chances to shine abound in the Crystal Lounge, the fine Havana Club cigar lounge, stylish Kaito Sushi Bar and restful Zen garden, not to mention the superb Italian dining facilities. And with MSC Musica journeying to exotic cruise destinations such as Greece, Croatia and Brazil, you will soon feel in true harmony on whichever cruise you choose!

MSC Musica is the first of MSC Cruises’ ‘Musica-class’ vessels. She became the belle of the ball in Venice on 29 June 2006, where a display of lights and colours celebrated the inauguration of MSC Musica. With Sophia Loren - the ambassador of Italian elegance worldwide - as her godmother, MSC Cruises’ MSC Musica is one of the best examples of sophistication and luxury yet.

Give in to the temptation that is MSC Musica and enjoy one of the most relaxing yet modern modes of travel. Renowned for our hallmark Italian style, exceptional hospitality and elegant surroundings, MSC Cruises invites you to indulge in a true symphony of experiences on your next cruise! Visit the deck plan of MSC Musica and be inspired to take a voyage of discovery with us!
MSC Opera: a masterpiece on the seas

The MSC Opera cruise ship certainly lives up to her name - classic, grand, opulent - and really is a luxury liner with something to sing about! A true sense of grandeur and spaciousness prevails on MSC Opera, one of MSC Cruises’ most welcoming cruise liners.

Many of the staterooms on MSC Opera feature private balconies and all are roomy and comfortable. Displaying the hallmark Italian style found on all of MSC Cruises’ stately ships, the public areas are enhanced by a sweeping marble reception area and magnificent open spaces with glass walls in order to best exploit the fabulous ocean views.

To travel on MSC Opera is to experience the best of old-fashioned elegance with the best of modern home comforts. Once onboard MSC Opera you can look forward to a truly authentic Italian experience: enjoy an espresso at the coffee bar or indulge in a typical handmade Italian treat at the ice cream bar. Take Italian lessons, stop by the Internet Café or catch up on news back home and make use of our Wi-Fi spots in select areas of the ship. Spend quality time with the kids in a round of mini-golf or take classes at the health club. And when evening falls, join us for an elegant seven-course dinner followed by outstanding entertainment in our splendid Teatro dell' Opera.

On your next vacation, we invite you to embark on a magical voyage with MSC Opera as we venture to breathtaking destinations, for the best in classic cruising.
MSC Lirica: an expression of Italian elegance

The MSC Lirica from MSC Cruises line is the cruise ship that offers cosy comforts in a traditional yet elegant setting. If you are looking for a more casual resort ambience, decorated in an opulent yet relaxed style, the delightful MSC Lirica cruise liner is your ideal choice. Our warm Mediterranean hospitality will put you right at ease and our modern array of amenities will ensure your every wish is catered for!

Take a trip in style as you travel elegantly to your chosen destination. MSC Cruises’ fleet of luxury liners are renowned the world over for their fabulous attention to detail and quintessential Italian elegance. And on MSC Lirica you will soon see that the ship is as much a part of your voyage as the destination.

MSC Lirica has a very cosmopolitan itinerary and this is reflected in two of her popular meeting places onboard: the American-style Beverly Hills bar and the welcoming English-style Lord Nelson pub. Take advantage of the best of world cuisines served at each restaurant. Take time out at the Lirica Health Centre: indulge in beauty and spa treatments as you look out though floor-to-ceiling picture windows and magnificent ocean views.

Cruising is one of the best ways to see the sights and sounds of the world. MSC Lirica is an ideal choice for families and first-time cruise passengers thanks to its smaller size and welcoming atmosphere. Opt for one of MSC Cruises’ unique cruise itineraries and choose MSC Lirica for your next unforgettable cruise!

MSC Sinfonia: a Mediterranean masterpiece

To step aboard MSC Cruises luxury ship MSC Sinfonia is to embark on a voyage back in time as you travel in elegant Italian style to ancient Mediterranean cruise destinations such as Venice, Capri and Athens or to beautiful South Africa.
MSC Sinfonia is a ship distinctive in both design and comfort, marrying the best of continental style with world-class service and attention to detail. The welcoming, professional crew aboard this elegant liner are on hand to offer round-the-clock hospitality and quality service.

MSC Sinfonia is named in homage to the rousing symphonies of Europe's great classical composers: from Beethoven's romantic masterpieces to Mozart's lively works, paired with the contemporary tones of Debussy, Tchaikovsky and Brahms. We are sure your cruise holiday will be one of perfect harmony whether you are a first-time cruise passenger or seasoned ocean traveller!
And for the very first time onboard one of our MSC Cruises liners the MSC Sinfonia ship boasts a state-of-the art Virtual Golf Simulator that allows players, especially beginners, to practice their swing while sailing. Other state-of-the art amenities are found in the video games room and Teen Area. Don’t forget to recount your travels to envious friends back home from our well-equipped internet café!

But there's more. Treat yourself in the hair salon, beauty centre or gym. With an array of shows, music, discotheques, casinos, and more, MSC Sinfonia offers a ‘symphony’ of sumptuous activities to do.
Sun, sea and heaps of fun, a cruise holiday onboard MSC Sinfonia will truly be music to your ears.
MSC Armonia: holiday in harmony

The luxury cruise ship MSC Armonia reflects her Italian name – this ship is a wonderful example of how space and intimacy can marry together in perfect harmony. One of MSC Cruises’ smaller ships, the lovely MSC Armonia oozes Italian style and caters for just over 3,000 guests, making it one of our best travel choices for a family cruise.

Offering a selection of marvellous suites with private balconies, MSC Armonia offers the panoramic ocean views our passengers desire together with spacious meeting areas ideal for gathering with friends and family as you embark on a voyage of a lifetime.
Enjoy good times together and sunbathe at one of the 2 outdoor swimming pools, work out at our gym, relax at the wellness centre, dance the night away in the glittering discotheque, sample culture and entertainment in the onboard theatre or try your luck in the ritzy casino! Children will love the kids’ club and can even take in a round of mini-golf onboard! Enjoy a taste of ‘la bella vita’ and in our 2 restaurants or cosy pizzeria grills.

MSC Cruises has completely restored MSC Armonia, one of our early cruise liners. Now fitted out with modern amenities, you can get down to the serious business of relaxation amidst fine, elegant surroundings that are carefully designed with Italian panache and flair right down to the last important detail. MSC Armonia is a dream comes true – an extraordinary floating universe designed for one purpose only – so you can get the most enjoyment from your magical holiday cruise!
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